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The Love Of Music is something the whole world loves.

Certainly, music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Also in general definitions of music include common elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics. Therefore, the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. So different styles or types the love of music may emphasize, reemphasize or omit some of these elements.

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Certainly, the Love Of Music can bring people into our world together in many ways. Whether it be through the same taste in the love of music. Also, the willingness to try something new or even performing music with others. … Music is important because it brings people together in the world.

Furthermore, Music’s purpose is to express and modulate emotions.

We use it to soothe, psych up, woo, enrage, sadden and cheer each other, or ourselves. Music is an especially important tool for bonding with and caring for infants. They may not understand the semantic content of language, but they understand the emotional content of music just fine.

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Therefore sometimes Music heals you, sometimes it brings out old memories and pain. Certainly, but most of the times, it has a positive effect on the personality. Also, its effect can be channeled properly to modulate your emotions. e.g. When you want to feel happy, you can listen to songs that make you appreciate things around you.

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It’s a gift that humans share. The Love Of Music is eternal and is boundless by boundaries of nation, religion etc. When a beat is played you can see little children dancing… I think it is an innate ability of humans to recognize a tune which at that moment is coherent with their emotions or situation thus making the experience of listening to music a relaxing as well as natural experience.

Great Art is a diverse range of human activities

Also in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts. Also, great arts expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill. Therefore, intended to appreciate for their beauty or emotional power.

Furthermore, the term ‘the Great Arts includes, but is no limit to, music (instrumental and vocal), dance, drama, folk art, creative writing. Also, architecture and allied fields, painting, sculpture, photography, graphics and craft art, industrial design, costume, and fashion design, motion pictures, television.

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Certainly radio, film, video, tape and sound recording, the art related to the presentation, performance, execution, and exhibition. So of such major art forms, all those traditional art practiced by the diverse peoples of this country. Also (sic) and the study and application of the art to the human environment.


First of all, In Ancient Greece, all art and craft were referring to by the same word, techne. Thus, there was no distinction between art. Furthermore, Ancient Greek art brought the veneration of the animal form. Also, and the development of equivalent skills to show musculature, poise, beauty, and anatomically correct proportions.

Furthermore, we see the great arts as a unique opportunity to reflect and enrich the human experience. To bridge cultures and to share a common language. Because to collaborate and nurture a vibrant community. And to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to dream big. So you have an artist inside you. Let that artist come through, and see how this new expression of who you are can positively impact your life.

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So I think the answer is that people have to feel, they have something to say, and sometimes that cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes an image can be a million times more powerful. Therefore And most of all, it is intricately unique and could not be replicating by another human being. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

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