First of all the times has change for the better Marijuana/Cannabis or weed or trees are legal in some states now.

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Certainly, I think Marijuana/Cannabis is the best thing ever but a lot of people do disagree with me. For the time being that is until they see the error of there way lol. All things considered, I don’t know too many people to do crazy things when on weed but that me.

In turn, there are a lot more people like me that are happy with this outcome and it’s been a long time coming. Therefore I can truly say marijuana/cannabis is not a gateway drug by any means. I believe that the government does not want you to take anything that actually good for you. Also, I have not yet heard of anyone overdose on marijuana.

Furthermore, when have you seen or heard of anyone getting in a major accident or commit murder? Because they were high off weed I feel sorry for the people that think weed is a bad drug. Certainly, this drug is not that kind of a drug that makes you do something like this. For the most part, you get thirsty and the munches.

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Finally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with marijuana, in fact, it’s a cure for so many things. As an example cancer marijuana has been the best medical drug to cure cancer yet. So just think about that government don’t make cigarettes legal but weed is cigarettes cause cancer but weed cures it. Therefore I think I will forever smoke weed just can’t wait to make it legal in my state.