US Government Auctions & Auto Auctions

Government Auctions and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Certainly, the best place to get a car is at a government auction. If you have never been to one this something you are really missing out on. For the most part your spending way too much money on a car. Furthermore, if you knew about this you would never go the car dealership again.

Also, America’s most trusted source for Government Auction seized and surplus car sales Also Gov-auctions School.

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Sold At: Local Gov’t Auction

“Furthermore the government auction everyone should buy a car this way. I had some fun and got a great deal.”

Client: Christi H. (Laredo, TX)

Vehicle: 2015 BMW 335i

Book Value: $40,163

Purchase Price: $16,000

Savings: $24,163

Sold At: Government Auction

Certainly, I went to three of the government auctions you guys provided, and I bought this Chevy that I’m going to sell and make some extra $$$”

Client: Brandon C. (Modesto, CA)

Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Suburban

Book Value: $36,266

Purchase Price: $17,000

Savings: $19,266

Sold At: Seized Car Auction

Furthermore, I couldn�t decide which car I wanted as there was so many but this Ford was a great deal. Thanks.”

Client: Sturgis B. (Pennsylvania)

Vehicle: 2013 Ford Focus

Book Value: $13,354

Purchase Price: $9,000

Savings: $4,354

Certainly, I can’t stress it enough that how much you save going to the auction. Restating the obvious just look at the saving. Finally, if you are a little smart you won’t pass this up. Then who knows you just may find your dream car and for a very low price.


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First of all, a lot of people do not know about an auction or even a gov-auctions. Therefore let me tell you a little about what I know about auctions. There is no doubt that they are the best place to buy all types of thing for a very low price. Also, did you know that this is most car dealers pawn shop most any kind of dealer gets there items?

Furthermore, when I went to an auto auction I was taken away by what I saw. There is no doubt that the car that was being auctioned off were sold way below the book value. So I thought I had seen it all now because the one thing that I know for sure. In the final analysis, I will never go to another car dealership again.

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4 thoughts on “US Government Auctions & Auto Auctions”

  1. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I hit W-H-U Best Amazing Online Offers. I wish I had known about this a month ago! My next car purchase will be expanded into auctions. Cars are so overpriced and immediately lose value the moment they drive off the lot with your name on the title. This just makes sense for someone who is looking for wheels to get to and from work without having a ‘dream car’ in mind. Even if I did, I might find it up for auction! What a great service, thanks for pointing it out, Wesley.

  2. I know about never government auctions, but never thought about getting a vehicle there. So I’m glad I found your post. My daughter is looking for a car and she doesn’t want to go to a dealer. I will definitely share this post with her. Certainly a great help, thanks.

  3. I’ve always heard about government car auctions but I never knew what they were about or where to go for them. Are there any criteria in which you could enter these auctions or are they free to the public?

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